Using etching and painting as her main expression means, Elisa Baregi is developing her artistic language by working outdoors in urban and natural surroundings.

Between 2007 and 2008 creates a series of large size mixed-media landscapes on paper: "Images of forest recreated by the energetic and refined contrast of few colors - the red of acrylic, the lead of graphite - with a rich texture of bright colors of the plaster and the paper".

In the following years, "her palette skim almost to become bicolor with all of the shades of gray and black only". Elisa Baregi turns her attention to the actuality of the urban environment, to the iron and concrete: glimpses of bridges, machinery, gears and factory interiors. Some of the times rendering the image clearly or combining it with elements of collage and sometimes "the power of black gives vent to sudden improvisations of gestural painting by scratchy tones". These characteristics are typical also of her later series of works: Faces, Great Naked and Monkeys.